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We provide different types of services to our customers. You can read below about our main services. We are flexible, if you need something more, please contact us.


As our main banner says, what we do best is develop high performance software algorithms and integrate them into high performance software systems. We pride ourselves with our work, and here is a place where we do it. We are modest also, but when it comes to software algorithms we want to talk about our achievments. Lately we have developed a high performance software algorithm that matches up to 1.5 million orders per second on commodity hardware and on Amazon Web Services Lambda environment an astonishing 6.9 million orders matched per second after warm-up. This is a countinuous trade matching algorithm. You can find more details about the algorithm in our pdf document


We offer help to companies that want to better their software systems, and by better we mean to be more performant, more reliable and more available.


As our research and study into the field of High Performance Computing has started about 5 years ago, we have accumulated some knowledge and had some experiences that we are now willing to share with companies and individuals. We provide a 2 day course that will help you or your company to design and develop high performance software systems. You can find more details about our course in our pdf document

Who we are

We are a small company based in the United Kingdom. We are very passionate about high performance computing and we want to help companies to realise their true potential when it comes to the software products that they use or that they develop for themselves or their clients. We offer development, consulting and teaching services in the field of high performance computing.

Our latest work

After the years of study and research into the field of high performance computing we had to be able to prove our findings. To do this we have started to develop multiple algorithms. We have chosen to follow through with a countinuous trading algorithm because we thought that the market of trading will be in need of performance soon enough. After almost a year of development we have started to get some pretty good results. Our final approach took us to what we believe to be the best that we can do: up to 1.5 million orders being matched per second on comodity hardware (4 year old, 2 core CPU). On Amazon Web Services Lambda environment we have achieved an astonishing 6.9 million orders matched per second after warm-up. If you are interested in finding out more about our trade matching algorithm, you can find more details in our pdf document

Our vision and goals

We believe in the proper usage of the connection that exists between hardware and software. We take our work very seriously. We see ourselves as explorers. We explore the realms of hardware and software and create high performance software algorithms and high performance software systems.

We also believe in the principle of using resources to their true potential. We love this planet that we live on and we want to promote less carbon footprinting by using high performance software systems that run on comodity hardware producing amazing performance results.

Our goal is to provide you with a service that will make your software be incredibly performant, reliable and accessible. Not only that but we promise that you will not need too much processing power in order to run your new software. We have seen outstanding performance results on comodity hardware that does not cost a fortune to purchase and run.


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